What's proposed?

A company called Drywound Pty Ltd has applied to the Lockyer Valley Regional Council for the Material Change of Use of a 290ha property at the end of Adare Road, Adare from "Dwelling House" to "Outdoor Entertainment (Motocross Training Facility)".  The application document and the subsequent correspondence between the Council and the applicant can be viewed and downloaded from the LVRC website at http://www.lockyervalley.qld.gov.au/plan-build/planning/current-applications-in-public-notification.*

The Motocross (MX) Training Facility will comprise a motocross track capable of taking 40 motocross bikes at one time.  This is Stage 1 of a proposed two stage development.  In summary the elements of the development are:

Stage 1:
Footprint of Stage 1: approx 5.6ha
Motocross Track:
#  1 Motocross track (40 bike capacity at one time)
#  Operating hours: Tuesday to Friday 4pm to 9pm
                              Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm

Additional Facilities:
#  Canteen
#  Toilets for 150 people per day
[note: 150 is the number of visitors per day, and also the number of vehicles expected to travel to and from the site each day.]

Stage 2:
Motocross Tracks:
#  5 Motocross tracks (4 additional to the one built under Stage 1) - (total capacity of 200 bikes at one time)
#  Operating hours:  Tuesday to Friday 4pm to 9pm
                                 Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm
                                 Occasional Event Weekends**: Saturday and Sunday 9am to 9pm

Additional Facilities:
#  Camping and cabin accommodation: Friday and Saturday nights (100 people)
#  Canteen
#  Caretaker's residence
#  Toilets for 300 people per day

** These event weekends are nowhere described in the application documents.  This is worrying because it seems likely that these are competition events, likely to draw large crowds and generate even more noise than usual.

* These documents were not available from the Council website before or during the notification period during which the public was supposed to be able to inform itself about the proposal and prepare comments for submission to Council within a 15 day period.  Other applicants' documents were available on the website during that time.  The relevant documents could only be obtained after contacting the Council's plannng department and arranging for an email to be sent providing a link to another website where the documents could be downloaded.  The Council did not advertise this link on the Planning and Environment area in the LVRC website.  In effect, the Council acted as a gatekeeper, controlling who had access to the information.  At times the link failed and in some cases people were delayed in obtaining the documents.

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  1. MX parks are TABOO operating in a 4/5klm of established residences. Acoustic Noise monitoring has proved this without any doubt at Tabulam resulting in the closure of Emu Creek Extreme Retreat. Off-road noise emanating from 1-350 MX bikes when operating cannot maintain legal decibel levels. Residents/ratepayers at Tabulam in 4klm radius of ECER were adversely compromised & subjected to this sort of uncomfortable offensive noise. There is a need for MX parks but not within a 5km radius of established homes because this offensive/horrendous monotonous noise from MX bikes does travels distressing resident denying them of their home comforts in their CHOSEN ENVIRONMENTS.
    MX riders wear ear plugs as they cannot stand their own noise either it seems.