Noise Follow-up - Issues with modelling MX noise, management plan, & monitoring (393 Kb)

Non-loudness Health Impacts of Noise (127 Kb)

Koala Values of the MX Area and Impacts on Koala Conservation and Recovery (1.9 Mb)

Tour Guide for Councillors visiting Qld Moto Park & proposed Adare MX site (287 Kb)

A Review of Fire Risk Factors (595 Kb)

Coroner's Inquest Report - Black Duck Valley

First half of presentation to Lockyer Valley Regional Council - 18 March 2015 (1.1 Mb)
This was presented to the Council as a "key representative of Submitters" and the full presentation summarised the main issues raised by 232 people who made submissions to the Council opposing the development.  Presentation was cut off after 15 minutes on grounds of the need for "fairness" and "evenhandedness" in relation to the Applicant who was also given only 15 minutes (in addition to the undisclosed time he had been given when Councillors visited his property for a tour and question and answer session a week before).

The second half of the presentation is proposed to be given at a community meeting to which Councillors will be invited.

Read the Noise Follow-up document above to see the expansion of arguments related to the last slide in this part-presentation.

Affidavit of Drywound (Colby Steer) Pty Ltd's lawyer explaining delays during the first 11 months of the Appeal.