Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Drywound's Solicitor files an application for leave to withdraw

On Monday 16 January Drywound's solicitor filed an Application in the Planning and Environment Court seeking "leave to withdraw as solicitors on the record for the Appellant".

Which in simple english means that the solicitor submitting the request wants the Court to take his name off the Court records as the solicitor for Drywound Pty Ltd (the company which filed the Development Application for a motocross facility at Adare in the Lockyer Valley, and of which Colby Steer is the Director and sole shareholder).

The Application was accompanied by an Affidavit explaining the circumstances leading up to this situation.

You can download the Solicitor's Application to not be listed as representing Drywound here:  http://apps.courts.qld.gov.au/esearching/eDoc.aspx?Location=BRISB&Court=DISTR&Filenumber=2652%2f15&edocsno=71110

and the Affidavit with the background to the Application here:  http://apps.courts.qld.gov.au/esearching/eDoc.aspx?Location=BRISB&Court=DISTR&Filenumber=2652%2f15&edocsno=71111

Page 16 of the above Affidavit (i.e. the 16th page of the total pdf document, not a page numbered 16) details the unpaid fees to lawyers and experts at the time of preparation of the Affidavit owed by Drywound Pty Ltd (Colby Steer's company).

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