Saturday, 24 January 2015

Why would anyone put this motocross track in a closely settled rural area?

Comment from a couple living in Adare - only 2.6km from the site of the proposed motocross track:

I can’t believe a council would put a motocross track in a rural residential area.  Rate payers have built their homes and settled into the local area never thinking Council would do this. Was Black Duck not enough!!!!!!! It seems to me they just want to move the problems and I guess that’s fine but without considering the local wildlife (we have many resident marsupials on our quiet 12 acres) and the residents who had faith in our local council that they would not approve things like this in these sorts of areas?

Is there nowhere else Motocross riders can enjoy their hobby?  How long have the applicants been paying rates?

It amounts to deception when you allow the sale of land to residents for the rates and then approve something like this.  Where will they rehouse the Koalas?

Is this a negative you want at next election?

Council has seen through these things in the past and supported the residents – I think this is another time for you to stand up and be counted.

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