Thursday, 22 January 2015

Koala records - Vinegar Hill and Adare

One of the things people realised when they started looking through the application for the motocross track at the end of Adare Road was how the "official" information on Koalas differed from their experience of Koalas on their land.

We've just received and plotted the first batches of historical records of Koalas from landowners in the area.

This is only the start, and in fact there are more records there than you can immediately see because at this scale some pins are hidden behind others.

These records are going to be entered in the official WildNET database, and will also be stored in a Google Earth database that lets us see how koala distribution coincides with landscape features such as watercourses or vegetation types.  This will allow us to make a more informed assessment of the likely Koala population on the motocross property than the applicant seems to have done.

It's not just the historical records we are looking for.  The Koala survey will be ongoing, so that as a community we can build up a good understanding of our Koala population.

Do you have any notes or photos of Koalas on your land?  We need dates and locations - if you have a photo of a koala, no matter how fuzzy or far away, the date will be in the metadata for the photo (we can help you to extract it if necessary).

If you are within about four kilometres of the motocross property we are interested in receiving your Koala records.  If you haven't already been contacted by one of the Koala team, you can get in touch with Hanneke at or leave a comment with your contact details on this blog post (all comments are moderated before showing up on the blog, so I'll make sure your contact details don't get posted publicly).

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