Thursday, 29 January 2015

The nature and peace of the Vinegar Hill / Adare area are known around the world

It's easy to overlook the fact that a lot of tourists, particularly backpackers, spend quite a bit of time in the Lockyer Valley.  Not all of them are totally focussed on earning money from farm work.  Many combine income-earning activities with enjoyment of the wonders of our natural environment.

Here's a comment from the petition asking LVRC Councillors not to support the motocross proposal at Adare:

Alex Fletcher JöNKöPING, SWEDEN

Having previously spent some time just a stone's throw away from the proposed planning site, it's impossible to imagine a cacophony of engines disturbing the formerly uninterrupted peace and tranquillity of the Lockyer valley. The local lifestyle is a rural one, designed to be spent as one with the natural surroundings with absolutely minimal disturbance. The influx of motorcycles and the noise they will bring is an obvious issue, but equally pressing are the crowds this facility will entice.

The road infrastructure within the Lockyer is certainly not designed to withstand the expected level of traffic without significant work, to the detriment of the natural environment. 

The proposals are a poignant reminder that the world is getting smaller, and that the value of land is diminishing in the wake of personal interest and gains. As a student of natural and environmental science this petition is close to my heart, and I fully support the local area, and the eradication of any proposals for a motocross complex within it.

Do we really want our area to have a reputation based mainly on motor sports like motocross, speedway, street sprints, etc.?

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