Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Living near a motocross track

I doubt that many people know what it is really like to live near a motocross track.  From time to time I'll post verbatim descriptions from people who have, unfortunately, experienced this for themselves.

This is Nina's description of her family's experience - over a number of years:

I've experienced first hand the impact that persistent motocross noise and activities can have on a community. We had a family of motocross enthusiasts purchase the 40acre block next to ours and set up a motocross track, without Council permission. Every weekend saw up to 15 bikes continually buzzing around the track. The noise was insistent and unsettling for all neighbours, particularly as many had young families or had moved to the area for its' lifestyle value - quiet and peaceful. 

The end result was a lengthy (years) legal battle between Council, the Motocross enthusiasts and the surrounding landholders. Three families sold their properties and left the homes where they had intended to settle, including my own, because of the noise and disrespect of the motocross users and lack of action from Council. It is not a small issue that makes a family give up the home they have built and the place their children have grown up in. 

I would strongly advise Council to reconsider the application for the Motocross track at Adare and to listen to the concern of the local residents.

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